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research activities


Supervision and follow-ups

  • Loup-Noé LEVY: 2020-2023 CIFRE Energisme
  • 2020-2021:

Jeremy DONADIO: machine learning approach for the detection of polymorphic virus activity.

Quentin GABOT: data mining in a Big Data framework, application to tourism

Théo DEMESSANCE (continuation of the subject)

Antoine THIOL: hybrid deep learning method for time series prediction

Lucas BICHET: algorithm security breach detection in web browsers

  • 2019-2020:

Loïc STEINLE: statistical analysis of Instagram tourist hotspots

Théo DEMESSANCE: Markovian prediction of tourist flows

Maelys TESTA and Floriane GIRAULT: quantification and qualification of energy comfort

Thomas REYNOLDS: clustering and analysis of tourist travel in Paris

  • 2018-2019:

Mathilde LAVELLE: analysis of multi-agent smart grid models

Lilia BEN BACCAR: analysis of tourist behavior by data mining

Victor SIROT: analysis of tourism behavior by Markovian process

Victoire BONNET: feasibility study of a blockchain for heat networks

  • 2017-2018:

Loup-Noé LEVY and Bastien PICHON: digital modeling of home automation

Rémi TOLLERET: usefulness of BIM for energy efficiency

Hugo POUSSEUR: multi-agent model of an eco-district under JADE

  • 2016-2017:

Zeinab NEHAI: blockchain for self-consumption

Loup-Noé LEVY: multi-agent model of an eco-district

Estelle CATHELINEAU: diffusion of energy in a network

  • 2018-2021: Tuan TRAN, EPHE - Bayesian approach and learning for the modeling of a class of economic problems and their application in finance
  • 2017-2020: Mahdjouba AKERMA, INREA - White box and black box methods for predicting energy consumption
  • 2020-2021

Quentin GABOT: profiling of tourist behavior

Sumayya CHABANE (with Supergrid-Institute): optimization by multi-agents of a hydropower plant with energy market

  • 2018-2019

Lilia BEN BACCAR: pattern mining for the prediction of tourist behavior

  • 2017-2018:

Hugo POUSSEUR: multi-agent model of an eco-district

Manon RIVOIRE: modeling of home automation by learning

Marc RUAULT: game networks applied to an eco-district

  • 2015-2016:

Zeinab NEHAI: demand-response and home automation

Bastien PICHON: demand-side management and demand-response

  • 2018-2019:

Three groups on the Digital Twin

Modeling of student accommodation and energy performance

BIM design of a neutral building

  • 2017-2018:

PI2-17-03: BIM design of a Tiny House (material aspect)

PI2-17-04: BIM design of a Tiny House (fluid aspect)

PI2-17-30: renovation and energy performance of a Gymnasium by BIM

PI2-17-SPE: study of the effectiveness of the BIM method

PI2-17-09: reconstruction of the network on the Saint-Martin site following the hurricane

PI2-17-14: study of the Stirling engine for backup use

  • 2016-2017:

PI2-16-01: study of the distribution of energy in a network

PI2-16-05: home automation and communication network

PI4-16-07: management of a dynamic price of energy for consumption

  • 2015-2016:

PI2-15-58: dynamic routing in a Smart Grid using Busacker & Gowen's algorithm

PI2-15-59: home automation management through formal language and knapsack problem

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