Feynman's method

After reading several scientific papers, it is important to extract the essential information. L'state of the art requires a capacity for abstraction and advanced knowledge in order to understand the entirety of its problem and work already done. For this, it is possible to use the Feynman method.

Feynman's method

Write down everything you know about the subject. Whenever you come across new sources of information, add them to the note.


Ex. An optimization method → A metaheuristic → Swarm optimization → Ant colony

The use of the ant colony in energy optimization (microgrid)

Feynman's Method: Popularize

Start with a blank note/slide and write down the topic or material you want to teach.

Speak in clear terms: children do not understand jargon or a dense lexicon.

Brevity: A child's attention span forces you to present concepts as if you were presenting a business idea during a short elevator ride.

Feynman's Method: Identifying Gaps

This is when the real learning happens. What are you missing? What don't you know? What do you need to complete your slides?

Ex. An optimization method (def. decision making) → A metaheuristic (among what?) → Swarm optimization → Ant colony (which ? How to compare them?)

The use of the ant colony in energy optimization (microgrid).
Other similar items and the difference in settings? Paper with swarm optimization?

Feynman Method: Synthesize

Start telling your story. Gather your notes and start telling a story using concise explanations. Gather the most essential elements of your knowledge on the subject.

Creating a good presentation is like a puzzle.

Use analogies and simple sentences to reinforce your understanding of the story.

“All things are made of atoms – small particles that move in perpetual motion, attracting each other when they are a small distance apart, but repelling each other when they are close together. against others. »

And after ?

It is important to learn how to write the Introduction and the State of the Art before continuing your research and starting the Methodology.

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